Instead of sending the GADS data to the GADS staff at NERC, the data is uploaded into the NERC webE-GADS web based application developed by Open Access Technology International, Inc. (OATI). WebE-GADS training sessions were provided to demonstrate how to use the OATI application. The final training session was recorded with a run time of approximately 96 minutes and covers an overview of the webE-GADS application, data reporting, and frequently asked questions. The training session can be found here:

webE-GADS Training Session - Nong Lor, Associate Project Manager/Business Analyst, OATI

Specific instructions for uploading the two GADS data files created by the GADS Open Source software are shown below:

Go to the NERC GADS OATI website by clicking on the link.

Once you have logged into the website, select Imports.

In the drop down list, select Import.

You will upload two files: Event file and Performance file.

Unless you have changed the default location, these can be found in the same folder where the application is installed (typically C:\GADSOS).

Event file: the file will be named Event_NERC_Data_*.txt.

Performance file: the file will be named Perf_NERC_Data_*.txt.

A successful upload for a quarter will be as shown as: Data Entered.

Your Completed status will not be Yes until you upload your January-December data files.


Specific steps for uploading the two GADS data files on the NERC GADS webpage are shown below:

For webE-GADS software questions - OATI help desk at | ph: 1-763-201-2020