NERC Publications

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Title/Summary Date
Predicting Generating Unit Reliability
A Methodology for Predicting Generating Unit Reliability based on design characteristics, operational factors, and maintenance and plant betterment activities.
The Generating Availability Data System (GADS): Applications and Benefits
Descriptions of Electric Generating Unit Availability Improvement Programs & Analysis Techniques.
Generating Unit Availability Following Planned Outages
Describes the daily performance of generating units during their first week of service immediately following planned outages. It is a follow-up study to "Frequency and Severity of Forced Outages Immediately Following Planned or Maintenance Outages."
Impact of FGD Systems
Analyzes the availability losses experienced by coal- and lignite-fired steam generating units equipped with flue gas desulfurization (FDG) systems. It also analyzes the impact FGD systems have on unit output and annual energy and manpower requirements.
Predicting Unit Availability
Describes four methods used by electric utilities to evaluate trade-offs between generating unit expenditures and generating unit availability.
Seasonal Performance Trends
Compares peak season and annual equivalent forced outage rates for fossil-steam generating units.
Generating Unit Availability Trends 1984-1988
The Generating Availability Trend Evaluation Working Group (GATE) investigates trends in the changing availability of generating units in North America.