Changes to the GADS Data Reporting Instructions for 2019

GADS DRI Appendix O - Cause Code updates - midyear 2019

GADS DRI - Appendix O - Cause Code updates 

In 2018 and early 2019, the GADS Working Group had a project to review Cause Codes. It was identified that several cause codes that should apply to all unit types were only applied to most of the unit types.

Table O-1 has the list of Cause Codes that have been applied to the Unit Type. These Cause Codes already exist and apply to most unit types.

Also in the analysis, there were cause codes for limited unit types that were applied to units that do not apply (such as a Fluid Bed Cause Code attached to a Fossil-Steam unit type).

Table O-2 lists the Cause codes and unit types that have been removed. The Cause Codes still exist for the appropriate unit types and have only been removed from the listed unit types.