Download Install GADS Open Source Conventional Generation

Manually UNINSTALL all 8 GADS OS applications BEFORE installing this 2024 update in Steps 1 thru 8 below 

Press the applicable buttons in Steps 0 - 8 below to install
When asked to Run or Save, select Run.
If Windows security does not allow you to Run the installation files, Save them to your hard drive and Install the saved files.
IMPORTANT:  using Windows Explorer browse to the location the downloaded file was saved to, right-click on the file, bring up its properties, and "Unblock" the file ... then press "Apply".
0. Prerequisites
  Install 64-bit OleDb Drivers Install 32-bit OleDb Drivers
  Items 3, 5 and 7 require that the Crystal Reports Runtime be installed on the same machine.
  Install CR 64-bit Runtime Engine Install CR 32-bit Runtime Engine
  If you encounter any problems installing the Crystal Reports Runtime Engine, Save (instead of Run) to your machine and install the MSI file locally.

The recommended standard installation is the 32/64-bit version (Steps 1 through 8 below) on the application server, shared drive, or user machine along with the appropriate 32- or 64-bit Prerequisites (Step 0 above) on the user's machine.
If you install on a machine with Windows 64-bit that has an installation of 32-bit Microsoft Office version 2013 or older, you may need to install the "32-bit Only" version below.
Beginning with versions 21.10.x.x, the GADS OS software will require .NET Framework 4.8 or higher.
The five "administrative" application installations (Steps 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6) default to a different folder to separate them from the Data Entry and Analysis & Reporting “user” applications. If updating from a prior working install, just copy the GADSNG.XML file from the GADSOS folder to the GADSOSAdmin folder. Also edit your admin application shortcuts to point to the GADSOSAdmin folder; instead of the GADSOS folder, and you are all set.
1. For SQL Server and Oracle, you will first need to create the database tables with the SQL scripts
  After creating the SQL Server or Oracle tables, install the Database Setup Console - this will allow you to connect with the database tables
  Install Database Setup Console 32/64-bit Install Database Setup Console 32-bit Only
  (For Microsoft Access, the Database Setup Console is also required. Please check the documentation for more details.)

2. Use the Unit Setup Console to initially set up each generating unit
  Install Unit Setup Console 32/64-bit Install Unit Setup Console 32-bit Only
3. Use the Data Entry Administrator's Console to set up user authorization
  Install Data Entry Admin Console 32/64-bit Install Data Entry Admin Console 32-bit Only
4. Use the Administrator's Dashboard to monitor multiple data entry sites
  Install Administrator Dashboard 32/64-bit Install Administrator Dashboard 32-bit Only
5. Install Data Entry
  Install Data Entry 32/64-bit Install Data Entry 32-bit Only
6. Use the Analysis & Reporting Administrator's Console to set up Analysis options
  Install Analysis Admin Console 32/64-bit Install Analysis Admin Console 32-bit Only
7. Install Analysis & Reporting
  Install Analysis & Reporting 32/64-bit Install Analysis & Reporting 32-bit Only
8. Use the Cause Code Updater to update the Cause Codes and Amp Codes tables
  Install Cause Code Updater 32/64-bit Install Cause Code Updater 32-bit Only

Electronic versions of the manual and other documentation can be found on the Documents tab.