NERC Generating Availability Data System (GADS): Workshops

Slide Presentations / Training Materials

The documents can be downloaded from Training under 4/26/2016
Title/Summary Date
GADS Training Introduction 4/26/2016
GADS Data Reporting Workshop 4/26/2016
Combined Cycle Reporting Comparison 4/26/2016
Importance of GADS Event Reviews 4/26/2016
Understanding Appendix F 4/26/2016
EFORd Presentation 4/26/2016
Divergence Between PJM/NE-ISO/MISO and NERC GADS 4/26/2016
Factors and Rates 4/26/2016
LMWH Calculations 4/26/2016
RS Event Data 4/26/2016
webE-GADS Step by Step Instructions (Streaming Webinar) 4/26/2016