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The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) is an international regulatory authority to evaluate reliability of the bulk power system in North America. NERC develops and enforces Reliability Standards; assesses adequacy annually via a 10-year forecast and winter and summer forecasts; monitors the bulk power system; and educates, trains, and certifies industry personnel. NERC is the electric reliability organization in North America, subject to oversight by the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and governmental authorities in Canada. NERC's mission therefore is to ensure the reliability of the North American bulk power system.

As of June 18, 2007, the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) granted NERC the legal authority to enforce Reliability Standards with all U.S. users, owners, and operators of the bulk power system, and made compliance with those standards mandatory and enforceable. In Canada, NERC presently has memorandums of understanding in place with provincial authorities in Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Québec, and Saskatchewan, and with the Canadian National Energy Board. NERC standards are mandatory and enforceable in Ontario and New Brunswick as a matter of provincial law. NERC has an agreement with Manitoba Hydro, making reliability standards mandatory for that entity, and Manitoba has recently adopted legislation setting out a framework for standards to become mandatory for users, owners, and operators in the province. In addition, NERC has been designated as the “electric reliability organization” under Alberta’s Transportation Regulation, and certain reliability standards have been approved in that jurisdiction; others are pending. NERC and NPCC have been recognized as standards setting bodies by the Régie de l’énergie of Québec, and Québec has the framework in place for reliability standards to become mandatory. Nova Scotia and British Columbia also have a framework in place for reliability standards to become mandatory and enforceable. NERC is working with the other governmental authorities in Canada to achieve equivalent recognition.

NERC assesses and reports on the reliability and adequacy of the North American bulk power system divided into the eight Regional Areas as shown on the map below. The users, owners, and operators of the bulk power system within these areas account for virtually all the electricity supplied in the United States, Canada, and a portion of Baja California Norte, Mexico.

The members of the regional entities come from all segments of the electric industry: investor-owned utilities; federal power agencies; rural electric cooperatives; state, municipal and provincial utilities; independent power producers; power marketers; and end-use customers.

With that responsibility, NERC and its stakeholders require accurate data provided in a timely fashion to assess projected bulk power system reliability as well as analyze its ongoing performance and reliability risk for individual, regional, and interconnection‐wide planning. The GADS database is vital to support NERC in its assessment of bulk power system reliability.

Regional Entities

Florida Reliability Coordinating Council (FRCC)
Midwest Reliability Organization (MRO)
Northeast Power Coordinating Council (NPCC)
ReliabilityFirst Corporation (RFC)
SERC Reliability Corporation (SERC)
Southwest Power Pool, RE (SPP)
Texas Reliability Entity (TRE)
Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC)


NERC Interconnections (B&W)
NERC Interconnections (Color)
NERC Regions Map (B&W)
NERC Regions Map (Color)
NERC Regions and Balancing Authorities - as of April 12, 2011



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